Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board

Michael Wasson

Chief Operating Officer

Vice Chairman

Ben Stoller

Chief Executive Officer


Kevin Mazula

Chief Executive Officer

Immediate Past Chair

Norm Kukuk

Executive Vice President

Ex Officio

Tim Debus

President & CEO

Patrick Garin


Leslie LeMair

Vice President Sales & Marketing

Tammy Wortham

Director of Retail Sales - Walmart

Scott Starbuck

Packaging Sales Manager

Samantha Goetz

Marketing Communications Manager

Andy Schumacher

Vice President of Packaging Systems

Paul Kamholz

Vice President Sales & Marketing

Morten Bielefeldt

Senior VP Sales & Services

Brandon D'Emidio

Dir. Marketing, Product Management

Axel Breitkreuz


Joe O'Connor

Supply Chain Process Change Manager

Holly Maher

Director Emerging Markets

Shawn Stockman

Director of Business Solutions

David Kruger