Why Join RPA?


Join RPA to get connected, gain access to industry-leading programs, and shape the future of reusable packaging.

The Reusable Packaging Association connects the industry to expand, innovate and validate reusable packaging systems.

  • RPA expands markets through trade show events, educational programs and industry promotions.

  • RPA spurs innovation through best practices, standardization and technology awareness.

  • RPA validates impacts through research, modeling, and case studies.

The work of the RPA is principally carried out by three channels of member engagement:

  1. Committees:  fostering a collaborative environment and collective action on common industry issues.

  2. Trade Show Programs:  showcasing the best products and insights on reusable packaging.

  3. Communications:  providing credible news, data and resources across media and social platforms.

Member Value

The reusable packaging opportunity has only just begun.  There is a long history in reusing transport packaging products such as pallets, bins, containers and trays, and the number of annual reusable applications now measure in the billions.  But changing global conditions are demanding more material reuse solutions.  And rapid advancements in collaboration and technology tools will accelerate reusable product capabilities and system efficiencies into a new era of supply chain performance and savings.  The future will both require and enable reuse.

The Reusable Packaging Association is the industry network to advance the common business interests of members.  Companies benefit from RPA membership in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Networking.  Get to know and interact with industry peers through RPA-sponsored activities and events.  Broaden your contacts and strengthen your connections.

  • Exposure.  Increase your company's visibility to customers.  Are you listed in our member directory, where buyers are searching for product solutions and finding potential suppliers?

  • Reputation.  Be recognized as an industry leader and contributor to the health of the industry.  Identify with the RPA brand as a trusted and reliable provider to the reusable packaging community.

  • Influence.  Use the industry alliance to create a better business climate.  Be a change agent and part of the solution to common industry problems.

  • Access.  Gain information and tools available only to members, including newsletters, select research reports and presentation documents.  Become an industry "insider." 

  • Location.  Exhibit your products and services inside the RPA Pavilions at major trade shows, and be there when customers are looking for sustainable packaging solutions for their supply chains.  As in real estate, location is everything.

  • Informed.  Stay current on industry news and trends.  Knowledge is power, and RPA works to keep members in the know.

  • Marketing.  Use RPA's communication outlets to get the word out about your company's news and views.  Expand your outreach through RPA.

  • Development.  Give your employees professional growth opportunities by participating in RPA programs.  Develop your team's talents through industry leadership positions, committee dynamics and/or RPA Learning Center speaking engagements, for example.

Altogether, the sum of the RPA member experience and offerings for your business generate a valued return on your company's investment.  For additional information on member benefits or to discuss your company's particular membership interests, please contact us.