Membership Application

Membership Categories

  1. Regular Members:  sole proprietors, partnerships, limited liability companies, corporations and other entities that supply products or services directly, or indirectly, to users of reusable packaging systems. Regular Members are voting members.

  2. Primary (End) Users:  entities which use rented or purchased reusable transport packaging in a closed or open-loop pooled system.  These companies would include retailers, consumer products companies, industrial manufacturers, or other corporations which reuse their packaging.  Primary Users are voting members.

  3. Industry Advocates:  nonprofit associations, government entities or academic institutions whose work or purpose is to promote the use of reusable packaging solutions.  Industry Advocate Members are non-voting members of the RPA.

If you are interested in joining the RPA, please complete and submit this form. An RPA representative will contact you to discuss membership and to answer any questions. Thank you.


Membership to the Reusable Packaging Association requires an annual dues payment. For Regular Members, the annual dues amount is assessed based on the company's annual sales of reusable packaging products and services. Select the sales range below to determine your company's annual dues payment.

Membership Dues

Regular Members:

             -  Annual sales less than $10 million:  $3,000 dues

             -  Annual sales between $10 - $20 million:  $6,000 dues

             -  Annual sales greater than $20 million:  $12,000 dues

Primary (End) Users:  $1,500 dues

Industry Advocates:  Complimentary