RPA committees bring members together in a collaborative environment to address common issues and to advance industry projects. These committees lead the execution of the RPA strategic plan and are the primary avenues for RPA members to network and collaborate for the advancement of industry objectives.

The committee objectives may involve raising awareness about reusable packaging’s advantages in targeted markets, developing standards and best practices that optimize processes, or bringing visibility to new technologies that improve supply chain performance, for example.  The committee agendas are aligned with the common business interests of RPA members.  Member participation not only expands the knowledge and expertise in support of the committee’s work, but also offers direct involvement and firsthand experience that impact the member's business.

Food & Beverage Committee

Objective: To position and validate reusable packaging as the preferred system for delivering safe and high-quality foods through the most sustainable, protective, and efficient means.

Target applications:

  • Agricultural production
  • Ingredients to food processing
  • Distribution to retail and food service


  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Food safety
  • Food waste
Operations & Logistics Committee

Objective: To facilitate knowledge and develop industry standards for common processes seeking the efficient movement, handling, visibility, and return of reusable packaging products.

Target applications:

  • Supply chain visibility
  • Transportation and reverse logistics
  • Warehouse/inventory management


  • Asset recovery
  • Automation
  • Transportation

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